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Welcome - bon-bini - bienvenue - benvenuto - welkom - bem-vindo - willkommen - 欢迎 - 歓迎 - Aloha Welcome - bon-bini - bienvenue - benvenuto - welkom - bem-vindo - willkommen - 欢迎 - 歓迎 - Aloha

We are committed to offering clinical excellence, comfort and guidance to our national and international patients

Certified and recognized nationally and internationally

Joint Commission

Joint Commission International

Certified since 2014 in Quality for Patient Experience and Safety
International Hospital Federation

International Hospital Federation

Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Program - 2018

Merco Corporate Reputation

Among the 50 companies with best reputation in Colombia - 2019

Attention cycle for international patients

Our priority is to offer a comfortable and safe experience for each one of our patients, with step-by-step assistance for all medical, administrative and logistical needs.

A world-class medical team

We are regional leaders in high complexity medical specialties, for adults and children, such as cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, transplants, pediatric subspecialties, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, and neurology and brain surgery.
Our patients share their experience
We care for more than 750 international patients a year

Contact us today for world-class healthcare

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To better understand your needs and determine the best medical attention  for your condition, please share your contact information, documents and other details by clicking on the button below; with this information we can give you detailed next steps and begin the care cycle process. You can also contact us at:


+(571) 667 2727 Ext.: 74301, 74307, 74303, 74305


Mobile – WhatsApp:

+(571) 317-4350533 / 317-3633561 / 317-3675294

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