Modelo de atención personalizado e integral

Personalized medical care model

We have an office that provides personalized advice to our foreign patients and their families throughout their medical care cycle. Since the initial contact, you will be advised prior to your arrival in Colombia, during your stay at the Fundación Cardioinfantil, until you return to your country of origin.

All this under a model of integral service by a bilingual interdisciplinary group of doctors, nurses and administrative personnel.

Disponibilidad 24/7

24/7 Availability

We have a team of doctors, nurses and bilingual logistics staff with continuous availability, dedicated to the responsible care and comprehensive management of the patients, in an infrastructure environment with the highest standards of service, merging medical services with hotel hospitality standards to ensure attention and a unique experience for our patients.

Sistema de Tele-Traducción Simultánea

Live Online Translation System

For your convenience and better communication with the doctors and specialists, should you require support in a language other than English, we offer a simultaneous online-translation service covering over 50 languages, which will guarantee a fluid and assertive communication with all your health professionals.

Acompañamiento continuo

Permanent Assistance

The comfort and experience of our patients is our main priority. For this reason we accompany you through all your medical appointments, procedures and needs during your stay in the hospital.

Suites Torre I


We have 28 hotel-type rooms, with all the comforts and accommodations relevant for patients and their companions during their stay for medical treatment. Our suites have the following layouts:

  • 1 Queen Bed
  • 2 Twin Beds
  • 1 Queen Bed + 1 additional bed

Air conditioned, 24/7 front desk, small fridge, Cable TV.

For patients wishing to stay at a commercial hotel, we have agreements with hotels and other options such as apartment suites, furnished apartments, and hostels. For any questions or concerns, please contact us, we will gladly aid you in booking your stay.

Apoyo logístico

Logistical Support

At the International Center, we are available to help you coordinate your appointments with the embassy or consulate, to file extension procedures, visa extensions and related documentation. If you need treatment certification proof from our clinic, they will be provided.

In addition to the terrestrial ambulance service, we offer ambulance transportation through SARPA (an aerial ambulance company which has been a partner for over 8 years).

Second Opinions

Our team of world-class clinical and surgical specialists are an exceptional opportunity for international patients to obtain second opinions regarding conditions and potential treatments. Supported by state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, you can obtain a second opinion from an interdisciplinary team of experts, and have more insight into your treatment options.

Referenciación de Pacientes

Patient Referrals

Our institution believes in integral and patient-centered health care, and as such, we value long term relationships with physicians and specialists in the region who trust us to maintain a seamless diagnosis and treatment of their existing patients.

We do this by keeping the referring physicians informed and providing them with valuable information for any necessary followup and care upon patient return.

For more information, please contact us directly at

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