Cardiovascular Medicine

Adult Cardiovascular Surgery

Our team of cardiovascular surgeons is part of the Cardiovascular Surgery service, the third most important in Latin America and the largest and most complex in Colombia. It handles an average of 1,200 cases per year and 1,600 procedures per year, with clinical results comparable to the most recognized centers in the United States and Europe.
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  • Juan Pablo Umaña, MD
  • Jaime Camacho, MD
  • Tomás Chalela, MD
  • Nestor Sandoval, MD

Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

The Center for Pediatric and Adult with Congenital Heart Disease Cardiovascular Surgery has performed more than 5,450 surgeries since 2006, accumulating a great experience and achieving a survival rate greater than 97%, comparable to the best hospitals in the world.

We participate in two international databases – the IQIC (International Quality Improvement Collaborative) of the Boston Children’s Hospital and the WDSPCHS, of the World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery – which are monitored and permanently audited, with visits to the institution once a year. This allows us to compare our results with the aggregates of the best institutions in the world and implement continuous improvement plans for patient safety.
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  • Dr. Nestor Sandoval
  • Dr. Carlos Obando
  • Dr. Albert Guerrero

Adult Cardiology

Our service specializes in the care of adults with cardiovascular disease, or those at risk of suffering from it, with a preventive, scientific, academic and integral approach, always prioritizing the needs of the patient and their family.

The most common conditions we treat are: acute myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, Chagas disease, valvular disease, cardiac arrhythmias, myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity and other cardiac conditions.
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  • Dr. Julián Gelvez
  • Dra. Esther Campo
  • Dr. Fernando Marín
  • Dr. Jorge Bustos
  • Dr. John Ramirez
  • Dr. Camilo Franco
  • Dra. Mónica López

Cardiología Pediátrica

Our department began treatment of congenital heart disease more than four decades ago, and we have positioned as the first institution in the country and as a reference center, both nationally and regionally, where patients are referred from Central America, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Antilles. Our treatments, including innovative technology of high complexity heart conditions, and our excellent results have given us this prestige.
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  • Dr. Miguel Ronderos
  • Dr. Alberto García
  • Dra. Claudia Stapper
  • Dr. Victor Huertas

Adult Electrophysiology

The infrastructure and organization of our International Arrhythmia Center are aimed at facilitating access, both for national and international patients, to specialized treatments of all types of arrhythmias. As such, it is recognized as one of the leading centers in Latin America in the study and treatment of patients of all ages with diseases of the heart’s electrical system.
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  • Dr. Luis Carlos Saenz
  • Dr. Diego Rodriguez
  • Dr. Juan Montenegro

Pediatric Electrophysiology

The purpose of the pediatric electrophysiology service is to serve children with heart rhythm disorders. The most frequent diseases that children who consult our service have are tachycardias, extrasystoles, atrioventricular block and syncope.

We have all the necessary equipment to carry out a detailed study and reach an accurate diagnosis, which will aid us in determining the best treatment.
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  • Dr. Alvaro Arenas


Transplant Surgery

To this day our Transplant Unit has performed more than 1,200 liver, heart, kidney and lung transplants in adults and children (with cadaveric and living donors), consolidating us as one of the most important transplant institutions in the country.

Our results in survival, morbidity and mortality are comparable to international standards.
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  • Dr. Gilberto Mejía
  • Dr. Jairo Rivera

Ortopedic Surgery

Adult Orthopedics

Our Orthopedics and Trauma department has more than 20 years of experience and a group of specialists with the appropriate and specific training to give the community a comprehensive, professional and human attention, attending all the pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, with all types of complexity from the simplest to the highest.
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Hand and microsurgery:

  • Dr. Julio Sandoval
  • Dr. Carlos Romero
  • Dr. Camilo Estrada


  • Dr. Cesar Rocha

Shoulder and upper arm:

  • Dr. Luis Emilio Cortés


  • Dr. Juan Manuel Nossa
  • Dra. Elina Huerfano


  • Dr. Ricardo Restrepo
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Sierra

Foot and ankle:

  • Dra. Alejandra Fonseca

Pediatric Orthopedics

Our department is dedicated to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of all pathologies and traumas of the musculoskeletal and joint system in patients with an immature skeleton. We perform surgical and non-surgical treatments of all diseases that alter the skeletal health of children and adolescents.
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  • Dr. Camilo Turriago
  • Dra. Astrid Medina
  • Dr. Pablo Roselli Cock


Neurosurgery / Brain Surgery

Our Neurosurgery Department specializes in the treatment of the central and peripheral nervous system, and is formed by a group of experts in the management of skull pathology and spinal surgery by minimal invasion procedures, which benefit patients through a speedy recovery and early re-entry into their lives.
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  • Dr. Jairo Aristizabal
  • Dr. Santiago Vallejo


Our Neurosurgery department has more than 20 years of experience, and our  national recognition has made una a national reference center for specialists from all over the country who need help managing highly complex pathologies.

We have the following subspecialties: Clinical Neurology, Neurophysiology, Epilepsy, Neurovascular, Abnormal Movements, all of which work in tandem with other specialties and professionals to address all pathologies in a wholesome way.
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  • Dra. Maria Inés Vergara
  • Dr. Jesus Rodriguez
  • Dr. Camilo Romero
  • Dr. Ivan Augusto Gaona
  • Dra. Clauida Lucía Moreno

Pediatric Specialties

Clinical Pediatrics


  • Dr. Jaime Céspedes
  • Dra. Verónica Morales Burton
  • Dra. Viviana Fajardo
  • Dra. Sara Aguilera

Pediatric Urology

Our Pediatric Urology department aims to offer specialized care to urinary and genital apparatus problems suffered by children, from birth to adolescence.
The team consists of three urology specialists dedicated exclusively to the care of pediatric patients, offering comprehensive, human and high quality care.
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  • Dr. Gustavo Malo
  • Dr. Yair Cadena

Pediatric Hematology-oncology

Our Pediatric Hematology-oncology department is composed of a group of specialists in hematology, oncology, pediatrics, who count on the permanent support of all pediatric specialties required for an integral management of the patient, as well as with the coordination of an oncology nurse who provides support in all service areas.
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  • Dra. Sandra Garcés
  • Dra. Lyda Rengifo
  • Dra. Carmen Aristizabal

Pediatric Infectology


  • Dra. Martha Alvarez
  • Dra. Diana Medina

Pediatric Nephrology

The Pediatric Nephrology department is with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with kidney diseases, as well as in the management and prevention of chronic kidney disease, and renal replacement therapies up until transplantation, either from deceased or living donors.
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  • Dra. Luz Estella Gonzalez
  • Dra. Mayerly Rico

Pediatric Endocrinology

Our Pediatric Endocrinology department offers a specialized, scientific, high quality approach to patients’ conditions, with a comprehensive humanist focus. It is a unit with more than 15 years of experience in the management of patients undergoing hospitalization, critical care, emergencies as well as outpatient consultation.
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  • Dra. Paola Duran
  • Dra. Adriana Lema
  • Dra. Mónica Fernández

Pediatric Surgery

Our Pediatric Surgery department more than 20 years  of experience and our commitment has always been to ensure the safety and the best results we can guarantee for pediatric patients who undergo surgery.
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  • Dr. Edgar Salamanca
  • Dr. Santiago Correa

Pediatric Ophtalmology


  • Dra. Maria Paula Hernandez

Pediatric Gastroenterology

Specialized service in the areas of Pediatric Gastroenterology for the management of pathologies of the digestive tract, pancreas and liver diseases in children under 18 years of age.
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  • Dr. Felipe Ordoñez
  • Dr. Oscar Quintero

Pediatric Gynecology


  • Dra. Pilar Guarnizo

Other Medical Specialties


Our Urology department treats adult patients in order to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases of the genital-urinary tract; we specialize in adult patients at high risk, with heart disease (coronary heart disease) and other concurrent pathologies.
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  • Dr. Miguel Acuña
  • Dr. Alberto Guerra
  • Dr. Karol Joseph Sánchez

General Surgery

Our department is composed of an experienced group of specialists in General Surgery and Gastrointestinal Surgery, with high training standards, and accompanied by modern technology focused on solving highly complex surgical pathologies.
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  • Dr. Akram Kadamani
  • Dr. Manuel Mosquera
  • Dr. Carlos Román
  • Dr. Paulo Cabrera

Cirugía de Tórax

The subspecialty of Thoracic Surgery is responsible for the surgical management of diseases that affect the lungs and other organs of the chest, excluding the heart and large vessels.

We have the safest techniques and advanced technology for the treatment of pathologies in lung cancer, mediastinal tumors, pulmonary emphysema, fibrosis and other inflammatory pathologies.

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  • Dr. César Calderón
  • Dr. Luis Jaime Téllez
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Garzón


Contamos con un equipo humano subespecializado en las diferentes áreas como Ginecología Pediátrica y de la Adolescencia, piso pélvico, ginecología oncológica y patología cervical.
Disponemos de tecnología avanzada para los procedimientos de diagnóstico y tratamiento mínimamente invasivos como cirugía laparoscópica, histeroscópica y ciurgía reconstructiva de piso pélvico. 
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  • Dr. Manuel Antonio Plata
  • Dr. Christian Roca
  • Dr. Nelson Ricardo Rincón
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